We believe, understanding brand owners our working partners and keep close communications is key to success. Customers rely on us to get best fit products for their home and commercial projects; we are bridge between brand owners & customers.

B-PEL Leather Tiles

Based in Milano of Italy, Blanga family is proud of their long history in business of leather tannery and skin trading from generation to generation. Leather tile is unique and specially crafted for floor and wall covering. Wood Move Collection is latest product having 3D embossed design on veneer sheet. Blanga family also participates other business such as sausage casing production for European food industry.

Joe Blanga in Shanghai Exhibition
Samy Blanga in Suzhou villa
In Guangzhou showroom
Presentation to architects in Guangzhou

ALLOY Metal Mosaic Tiles

Based in Sydney of Australia, Mr. Jonathon Worner set up the company in 1998 and later on created solid stainless steel mosaic tiles for building surfaces. ALLOY tile is manufactured with highly precision machine, by his father's Pressform Engineering, working with metal for industrial and building projects over 35 years in Perth, Western Australia.

Jonathon in Design Week Guangzhou
Sydney Head Office

CARIBOU Luxury Leather, Carpet & Fur

Spanish company located in Barcelona set up in 1987 by Lady Genoves, manufacture and distribute all kind of leather articles for house decoration and upholstery interiors. Buying raw material regularly from different countries, CARIBOU works closely with tanneries by using latest technologies and professional craftsmanship, creating extensive collection of more than 74 embossed leather articles, stocked for prompt delivery. CARIBOU carries collection of Leather carpet, fur blanket, fur cover, & fur cushion for luxury home uses.

Andrea in Guangzhou showroom
Andrea in TMHK office
Andrea in architect office Shenzhen

IDEA PELLE Upholstery Leather

Located in Verona of Northern Italy, established in 1990 after years of experience of the founders in business of leather in Italy and international market. Constantly improving production technology and quality, Mr. Recchia always looks into foreign market, understand latest trend and work in collaboration with clients to deliver articles satisfying their specific needs. Idea Pelle stocks up large collection of upholstery leather articles and colors for clients immediate use.

Presentation to architects in Guangzhou
In APLF exhibition Hong Kong

KAINOS High Dignity Upholstery

Established in 1982 Seoul of Korea, founder Mr. Byung soo Lee devotes full energy in artificial PU leather created on Chamude backing, for high performance and maximum comfort. Wide range of collections built with extensive colors and pattern designs inspired by planet nature make KAINOS stand out from the crowd, a versatile material very popular in upholstery application and interior decoration settings.

Head office in Seoul
Coffee time in Seoul

OLARIA Craft Metal Work Since 1934

Throughout last 80 years the metal workshop in Barcelona of Spain is known for her design and quality, as a result of accumulated knowledge and craftsmanship. Metal work classic pieces such as Louis XV collection is never goes out of style. Antoni Gaudi collection offers unconventional shape and form, which can only be achieved with artistic mind and delicate works. OLARIA's prestigious customers include royal families, celebrities and successful entrepreneurs.

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Artistic products
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