OLARIA Craft Metal Work Since 1934 - Introduction

Throughout last 80 years the metal workshop in Barcelona of Spain is known for her design and quality, as a result of accumulated knowledge and craftsmanship. Metalwork classic pieces such as Louis XV collection is never goes out of style. Antoni Gaudi collection offers unconventional shape and form, which can only be achieved with artistic mind and delicate works. OLARIA's prestigious customers include royal families, celebrities and successful entrepreneurs.


OLARIA BARCELONA is a family run business, manufacturer of high quality metal pieces and Luxury Hardware. The company was established on 1934 by Joaquin Olaria Garcia, continue pair Joaquin Olaria Aguilar and now directed by Albert Olaria Ricart it accumulates three generations of experience.

OLARIA BARCELONA supplies luxury hardware to the most emblematic buildings of Barcelona such as Casa Berenguer and Casa Mila of Architect Gaudi, Old Hotel Ritz, Hotel Avenida Palace, Hotel Majestic, concrete actions in Barcelona Football camp 'Camp Nou', and many commercial and luxury shops.

During the 60's it began the international expansion and in the 70's the introduction in the handles of the recovery spring mechanism, was a great novelty at that time and provided a big success. The quality and service remains the main pillar of the development and consolidation of the brand prestige OLARIA BARCELONA founded in 1934


For more than 70 years Olaria Barcelona has wagered on design as result of knowledge and working of the craft. That is the reason why our pieces are the most versioned in the market. We continue fabricating classic pieces of European metalwork of the past centuries, such as the Louis XV collection. Because Classic never goes out of style.


In OLARIA BARCELONA, we've been hardware manufacturers for over 70 years, we have accumulated a great experience on this area and this guarantees quality, design and utility of our products.

We offer a new service: CUSTOM MADE HARWARE, which gives to the client the option of developing their own exclusive design for a given space, accomplishing in this way a complete personalized integration of all elements, whether if it is a private home or a public space. with the privilege of giving a name to the created design.

If you can imagine, we can produce it. We make reality your ideas, and we can also make restoration and reproduction of handmade pieces of brass or bronze.

Lamp for Restaurant Els Pescadors

Restoration of Berenguer House