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Established in 1982 Seoul of Korea, founder Mr. Byung soo Lee devotes full energy in artificial PU leather created on Chamude backing, for high performance and maximum comfort. Wide range of collections built with extensive colors and pattern designs inspired by planet nature make KAINOS stand out from the crowd, a versatile material very popular in upholstery application and interior decoration settings.

KAINOS is upholstery material which is processed by P.U. coating on the surface of substrate named Chamude of micro fiber products.

The production of KAINOS Chamude leather requires a combination of four ultra precision processes. The key to success of Chamude is the innovative textile technology, used for producing ultra micro-fibers. Ultra micro-fiber, thinner than one thousandth of human hair, which gives soft and natural feelings, is obtained by extracting the sea component of a sea-island type fiber (consisted of two different polymers) made by composite spinning technology. Three dimensional reticular structure of natural leather, made by punching with specially designed needles, brings strength and durability.

With a natural skin characteristic and innovative color combination, KAINOS can be a perfect fashion material for all seasons. Better material traits than genuine leather, while it was acquired by analyzing the structure of natural leather. The special structure of Chamude combined with a unique P.U. coating technology through superior tannery finishing are the very reason why more than 2,000 leather associated companies use KAINOS of Daegoon Corporation.

The colors and the patterns of KAINOS leather is always motivated from the greatest works, the nature, because human being would feel the happy mind and peaceful emotion when they are at the nature such as mountain or seaside. It is impossible to find the same color among the billions of the leaves on a tree. That is why the development of KAINOS will be continued over and over.

With huge collections of design, more than one thousand items are available for use.

Typical KAINOS upholstery PU:

Face 100% Polyurethane
Backing 70% Polyamide 30% Polyurethane Ultra-microfiber Non-woven Fabric
Thickness 0.8 to 1.5mm

Standard roll size 30 meter, width 137cm
Notes 1: some special items come in panel not roll form
Notes 2: width, thickness & backing material content might vary

Export Cargo Packed in Roll

Typical Specification Example
(Not all items in same specifications)

Laboratory Test Report

The Motive of KAINOS' Design and Colors Are the Very Nature, Thanks for the Yesterday, Joy for Today and Hope for Tomorrow.