ABOUT Top Merit (Hong Kong) Limited

Who We Are

T M H K is a Hong Kong company operated since 2003. The two founders Mr. Kenny Leung and Mr. J. Lai met and managed a garment plant in Jordan, the Middle East in Millennium year. Both returned to Hong Kong after finished oversea employment contract, utilizing different cultural and commercial background they set up the company bridging up business opportunities of mainland China with overseas countries.
While trying various projects in the early stage; Top Merit Apparel Limited is set up with Ms. Shirley Tang a year later, supplying merchandise for Australian and European high fashion brands, international business network is further expanded.

Where We Start

Blanga family of Milano, Italy engaged with Top Merit in 2005; animal skin processing and trading, among other by-product of meat industry have been their core business operated since last generation. Top Merit helped Blanga family to locate Wet Blue skins buyers from mainland China, travelling with Top Merit to different cities Blanga family soon realized potential of luxury market growing rapidly in the East. TopMerit is officially appointed as Blanga family's sole agent to represent B-PEL Leather Tiles and to do sales and marketing in Asia region.

What We Build

Top Merit launched the premium Italian product in Hong Kong first and later on covering mainland China in collaboration of Guangzhou based distributor ParkWell. Showroom, office and sales team in Guangzhou provides platform to reach out customers and direct channel for customers to experience our products and services. Terminated collaboration with ParkWell in April 2015, and partnering with JL Genesis (Shanghai) Group Company Limited; our long term partner in business promoting TMHK's brands and products. JL Genesis is a trading company in Shanghai importing natural resources products from North & South America and Europe, like wood logs and forest & mineral products.

How We Contribute

Soon after entering business of interior decorative materials some other important brands joined us to explore China market. Design and manufacture in countries including Italy, Spain, Australia and Korea these high end products are complementary to each other, offering our customers wider range of material choices. Top Merit not only sell products but provide technical knowledge and professional advices to project owners, interior designers, material purchasers, contractors and home owners during the whole process from selection, costing up to installation. Customers always get best quality and value from our products and services.

Hong Kong Showroom

B-PEL Leather Wall Panel & Floor Platform

ALLOY Metal Mosaic Tiles

CARIBOU Luxury Leather Collection

CARIBOU Fur Articles

OLARIA Craft Metal Works

IDEA PELLE Upholstery Leather

B-PEL 3D Embossed Wood Veneer

Product Catalog

Moments to Share

ALLOY principles in Sydney Office

Shirley in Suzhou checking villa project

ALLOY principle visited TMHK Office

B-PEL principle relaxing on leather floor in Changsha Hotel

CARIBOU principle in Guangzhou Office

KAINOS principles in Seoul Office

IDEA PELLE principle exhibiting leather materials in Hong Kong

CARIBOU principle reviewing fur materials in Hong Kong Office

Guangzhou Office & Showroom

Kenny in Shanghai Exhibition